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Trip to Chester Zoo

Comments from the children …………………

·We saw loads of big animals – I like the Lions best they kept walking up and down

·         The baby elephant was so cute

·         I want to come to the zoo again

·         We had a fun time

·         We saw some creep crawlies and I dared myself to go in the bat house – it was very dark  – I could see the bats there were lots of them – it smelt funny as well

·          I like being with my friends best – I haven’t seen them since we broke up from school  – we looked at all the animals together

·         Can we go again!?

·         The monkeys were so funny – I like the monkeys the best – they were cuddling up together and then one monkey used his tail to swing around


·         My mum loves giraffes – I am going to tell her I saw a real one – they were so tall – nearly up to the sky – the zoo keeper was feeding them

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