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Siblings had a great time at Play Away ! Loads of different things to do – what did they get up to? swimming in the outside pool, played games, fed the animals, went to Light Valley Theme Park and went on some amazing rides, hot chocolate and movie night, more swimming, and on the way home they went to Tatton Park – All very happy children and extremely tired out from all the good fun and fresh air!

Buddies asked the children a few questions and this is what they said :

What would you being doing normally?

playing on my x box
sitting in my bedroom 
Nothing just at home
 Playing on my phone

What have you enjoyed about the residential?

Being with Friends
 Being with people that understand what it is like to have a brother or sister who is disabled
Being me for a few days
 Being out of the house
Going on a roller coaster in the dark
 Going on a roller coaster on my own
 Facing my fear on the roller coaster
I was dreading it, it is my first time away with the Buddies for the first time – but I am having a great time!
 I love my mum but it is nice to be away from her
Good to be away from my brother and sister

Here are some pics………………………..