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Great Weekend in Yorkshire

All the children and young people had a great weekend in Yorkshire at Play Away.

Thank you to the Nell Jones Foundation and happy days for funding the weekend.

18 disabled children and young people supported by Central Cheshire Buddy Scheme  have had a great weekend away in Yorkshire. They have  been to Tatton park, had a play and a barbeque, been swimming, bouncing, on rides at a theme park, feeding the animals and playing in the games room. Wow what a weekend!!

All had a great time and did tings they would not normally do while having fun with friends.


Comments from the children and young people

What would you normally do at the weekend?

Play on my phone, Xbox, You Tube, texting friends

I would be doing nothing. I get very bored. I want to do lots of things but can’t. This holiday I haven’t stopped having fun!!

I live with nan and my dad. When nan is poorly I try and help her. I cant go any where when she is really poorly. I have done so much on this holiday and I haven’t had to worry about my nan. Thank you it has been great.

What do you think about this weekend in Yorkshire?

Best ever weekend!

I was scared and worried about leaving my nan. I wanted her to come with me on the trip but actually I am okay.’

‘I will come again if I can everyone is so kind, I have had a great time.’

‘I am with my best friend, I only see him at school, we don’t  meet up out of school, this has been a great holiday thank you.’

‘I have made some new friends’.


What do you think about this weekend?






Brilliant – I like coming out with you guys and being with my best friend.


What did you think of Tree tops and Light Valley theme park?

‘I am scared of heights but I went on the tree top nets. It was like a trampoline, when I got used to it I loved it and felt more confident.

‘Bouncing in the nets was great fun.’

‘Tree top nets was great, I just kept bouncing and the slides were good fun’.

‘I just kept bouncing with my best friend it was great fun.’

‘I was a bit worried at first as I have never been on anything like that before but it was great fun.’

‘loved it!’

‘brill, great’.

‘I haven’t ever been on a roller coaster before so this was my first time. I went on the one in the dark and screamed a lot. I couldn’t stop laughing in the end it was great!’

‘I loved the Theme park and it is a place I would not normally go. It was great. I loved all the fast rides’.

‘The Theme park was brilliant, there were some really fast rides and there were no ques we got to go on loads of rides’.

‘I think the best bit for me was going in the swimming pool. I am going in tonight with the water pistols’.


Comments from parents

‘My grandson came home very excited he has had a great time. Thank you to all the buddies for taking him’.

‘This is the first time (at 13) that my son has ever been on a residential, school would not take him due to a medical condition. He has had a great time and has loved the whole experience. Can he go again!

‘Due to my poor health I am unable to take him out at the weekends. This has given him a great experience and me a break. I have known that he is having a good time.’

‘I was a bit worried at first about him going away but after conversations with the team I was reassured. I have seen all the pictures on facebook and know that he has had a great time. Thanks to all the buddies and everyone who funded the trip it has made such a difference to disabled children.

‘Thank you to all the buddies staff for a great weekend.

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