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I am proud to be a volunteer and a Trustee of Cheshire Buddies. The staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to keep a number of activites going throughout the Pandemic, despite the various lockdowns and tier restrictions. One of the main annual activities is taking various groups away to a residential centre in North Yorkshire in September. The typical cost for this is £1000. So to support that, I have given myself the challenge of cycling a total of 1237 miles between November and next September.

Why 1237miles and how?

A good friend of mine is doing a virtual run from Lands End to John O Groats, (874 miles) based around various local runs he is doing. He started in October and is aimimng to finish next September. Im not a keen runner at all, but said I would join him in his virtual challenge, on my bike and as an extra, I would add the 363 miles from where I live in Nantwich to Lands End which gives me a target of 1237 miles.. We aim to do the last 10 miles to John O Groats on the real roads sometime next September.

I started in November, which has given me an average of just over 27 miles per week. So far I have been doing an 8 mile circuit around Ravensmoor, Acton and Nantwich, whenever I can. I will do longer trips as my stamina and the weather improves!

Story so far….as at 18th December. I will update this monthly, so watch this space!

I have managed 32.24 miles so far… leaving 1204.76 miles to go… which is an average of 30.12 miles per week.

If you would like to encourage Bob and support this fantastic charity please donate whatever you can, via the donate button below…

Donate Towards Bobs Cycle Challenge