Sibling Club (8 – 18yrs)

The aim of the club is to allow the children to come together, to make friends, share experiences with each other but ultimately for them to have fun in a supported environment while supporting them to do things they would not normally get the opportunity to do

This club is for children/young people with a brother or sister with a disability.

The cost is £10.00 (per person) this includes lunch, snacks, transport and entrance fees.

CCBS meet once a month (usually a Saturday or Sunday) and we run extra day trips in the school holidays.

Through talking to parents and children themselves they told us that having a brother or sister with a disability can be difficult at times, for some families they were unable to do things that they would really like to do or find it difficult to talk to anyone who would really understand.

CCBS have planned some exciting day trips for this group – Trampolining at Flip Out, Ninja Warrior in Stoke (activity course), climbing activity and trips to the cinema.

Further information contact Stephanie on 07873423389, or email