Saturday Club (8 – 18yrs)

The Saturday Club is based at the Georges Community Centre, West Street, Crewe, Cheshire

CCBS usually meet on the first Saturday of every month but sometimes due to school holiday times this may alter

The Saturday Club is open from 10am to 3pm

The cost is £7.50. This includes lunch, drinks and snacks.

We have easy access to the playing fields and Queens park

We invite sports coaches to the sessions and they encourage the children to take part in a variety of activities, this includes tag rugby, football, cricket, basketball and other team games.

We also have a range of specialist bikes and trikes for the children to ride in the designated riding area

Indoors the children can play table tennis, there is also a wide variety of games, puzzles, toys, books and building blocks (lego)

There is also a chat and chill area where the children can play music , watch a video and generally just enjoy being together and chatting.

CCBS always have an arts and craft table, the children enjoy painting, making clay pots, jewellery, printing and junk modelling.

There is a kitchen and we encourage the children to help make lunch for all the children that attend the club. They generally take it in turns to help out.

We also have our own mini bus and will very often take a group of children to various places during the club session

The children really enjoy their time at the Saturday club, it gives them an opportunity to meet with their friends out side of school it is always fun, busy and there is always plenty to do!

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