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Asda foundation Thank you to the Asda foundation for supporting buddies over the summer holidays through a donation of £500 from the foundation.

The funding made a huge difference to the lives of local disabled children, parents, carers, sibling young carers and disabled adults.

As a result of the funding we were able to feed 90 disabled children each week during the summer holidays through hot meals or sandwiches ( while on trips). Over the summer CCBS ran 6 activity sessions each week. We were also able to feed :
90 disabled children and young people while at holiday club or while on trips
22 disabled adults each week.
17 young carers ( who have a disabled brother or sister)
21 parent carers ( while on trips)
The funding was also used for cookery sessions at holiday club each week where the children were able to make pizza, raspberry buns, jam tarts, burger and chips, hot dogs and chocolate crispie cakes.
They also decorated gingerbread men and iced cup cakes. Children were encouraged to try new fruit through tasting sessions.

The funding enabled CCBS to:
Feed the children, adults, siblings and carers at each session
Encourage children to try new foods
Teach basic cookery skills
Learn through play about the different textures i.e playing with bread dough ( making hegdehogs), jelly, cornflour and custard etc.

The feed back from parents, carers, disabled children and young people has all been very positive.
Children comments
I have loved baking. The raspberry buns were lovely
Today I have made jam tarts. I have never made these before.
The hedgehogs were great fun to make and looked great when finished.
I made my own pizza and ate it. It was yummy!
The pizza session was great. We all chose our own toppings.

Parents comments
I always put him in old clothes on a club day so that he can play and mess. When I pick him up I can always tell that he has been cooking as he is covered in it, but I can wash him at least I know he has had a good day and has had fun!
She talked all the way home about making hedgehogs and couldn’t wait to show me when we got home.
She loved making the raspberry buns and jam tarts. We have made them at home since holiday club and they were lovely.
I never thought he would enjoy baking but since club he has wanted to make things all the time it is great.