Winsford and Northwich Parent Carer Event: Pottery workshop !

Event details

  • 25th September 2019
  • 10:00 am
  • Rudheath Community Centre Gadbrook Road Rudheath CW 9 7SL
  • Louise 07938163103

At Rudheath Community Centre

we have a booked a pottery workshop with Caroline  – who is a potter!  Even if you have never done pottery before it really doesn’t matter  – just come and have a go, have a cuppa and meet some more people!


1) Mud Makes you Mellow.
2) It’s a mud bath for your skin.
3) You meet new friends.
4) Exercise your creativity, because body & mind need to work together.
5) You have an excuse for the dirt under your fingernails.
.6) Surprise yourself with what you can accomplish!
7) Pottery Alleviates anxiety.
8) Be proud of something you made with your hands.
9) Gives you a reason to wear crummy clothes, but still go out and meet people.
10) You feel darn accomplished after.
11) To have a new hobby.
12) So you can laugh with like minded people.
13) Because you want to. And you should do what you want sometimes.