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HAVE YOUR SAY …….Focus Group Questions for the Community JSNA Carer Research Project

Suzanne from Cheshire Voluntary Sector will be joining us for coffee at Costa Coffee in Congleton Town Centre on Thursday 12th October at 10am

Suzanne wants to speak to as many carers as possible about being a carer and what it means to you

Suzanne has some very interesting questions! and it will be beneficial to you long term as it will help mould the future plans/services for parents carers – so it is really important that you have your say !

Even if you really don’t  want to voice your opinion it will be interesting to listen to others !

Themes to explore – your caring role, available support, barriers  – What stops you from accessing all available support/? the carers assessment, what happens in an emergency situation, caring -the impact on you

Themes which have emerged through the carer surveys and through interaction with service providers will also be explored.

 we will buy coffee !!

Tranport from Crewe and Alsager can be provided  – please let me know if you need a lift by texting Louise on  07938163103


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