The Changing Lives Project (18+)

What is the Changing Lives Project?

The Changing Lives Project is aimed at supporting adults with disabilities. CCBS will help to provide them with an opportunity to gain and develop new life skills whilst providing them with new experiences and social integration.

Great days out with the ‘Changing Lives Project’

This is a group for adults with additional needs

The group have been to the candle factory, Blackpool to see the lights, bike riding, crab fishing at New Brighton , Liverpool site seeing and a walk around the Chester Wall!

The Changing Lives project have also been busy over the last few months making jams, chutney and apple sauce

From picking the fruit, preparing the ingredients, collecting jars , to labelling and making fancy jam and chutney jar covers

We have been selling the jam and chutney. The money raised will go towards a trip of their choice

We also offer a fitness session every week – this is very much geared towards their level of ability and it is actually great fun! Helen Spencer, our instructor, really keeps them on their toes!

We really want to focus more on staying healthy, this will include educating the group about nutritional food, preparing good wholesome food and focusing on getting fit – we intend to go bike riding , walking and swimming and to have fun at the same time!

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